Will you need your umbrella today?

Materials Used

  1. Computer with Flotilla installed
  2. Flotilla dock
  3. Red USB cable
  4. Clear mounting plate
  5. M3 8mm plastic bolts x6
  6. M3 plastic nuts x6
  7. Short blue Flotilla ropes x2
  8. Medium blue Flotilla ropes x1
  9. Light module
  10. Rainbow module
  11. Weather module


Attaching the modules

We'll use the mounting plate from the mood light to mount the weather and light modules on. If you haven't already, peel the protective film off the plate.

We'll mount all three modules on top of the plate. The outlines on the plate should guide you as to where to place the modules. It doesn't matter which of the weather and light modules you mount in which place. Use the plastic bolts and nuts to mount the modules.

Step one

Attaching the cables

You should be able to use the short ropes to connect the weather and light modules to ports 2 and 7 on your dock, and use the longer medium rope to connect rainbow to one of the other ports. It should look something like the image below.

Finally, connect the dock to your computer with the red USB cable.

Step two

How to use

Weather station uses the weather module to measure the temperature and pressure, and the light module to measure... light. The outputs are displayed simply on three of the rainbow module's pixels with blue being low, green being medium and red being high, and light is displayed in white from zero brightness to full brightness. The pixel closest to the USB connector shows temperature, the centre pixel pressure, and the pixel at the end opposite the USB connector shows light.

The ranges are as follows:

  • Temperature: blue ≤ 16°C, green = 21°C, red ≥ 26°C
  • Pressure: blue ≤ 980 mb, green = 1000 mb, red ≥ 1020 mb
  • Light: off = dark, full brightness = direct sunlight