Pander to your virtual pet's every whim.

Materials Used

  1. Computer with Flotilla installed
  2. Flotilla dock
  3. Digipet template
  4. Colour module
  5. Matrix module
  6. Slider module


Attaching the modules

Connect the colour, matrix and slider modules to your dock with the short or medium ropes.

Then connect your dock to your computer with the red USB cable.

Step one

How to play

Just like a real pet, you have to feed and clean up after your cute little pet hedgehog. Does it look sad? Maybe you need to feed it an orange or a banana!

Your pet hedgehog will wander around and tell you how it's feeling by its facial expression and by the bars at the top left of the screen.

The bars show the following:

  • health
  • hunger
  • clean
  • happy
  • weight
  • age
  • colour

Your pet's health is affected by his hunger, weight, cleanliness and happiness. Their happiness is also affected by their hunger, weight and cleanliness.

These are the different facial expressions that your digipet will make:


Keeping your virtual pet clean, by sweeping up his poo with the slider, will keep him happy.

If your pet's health or happiness is low, and he has a sad or sick face, then you probably need to clean up or feed him.

You can feed your virtual pet by holding the colour module near an orange or a banana, or something that is a similar colour to either of them. You should see your pet's hunger dropping and his health, happiness and weight should rise.

But be careful not to feed it too much either; it is possible to overfeed.