Can you land the rocket safely?

Materials Used

  1. Computer with Flotilla installed
  2. Flotilla dock
  3. Red USB cable
  4. Medium blue Flotilla ropes x2
  5. Joystick module
  6. Slider module


Attaching the modules

Connect the joystick and slider modules to your dock with two of the medium or long ropes, to give you plenty of freedom to use the controls.

Then connect your dock to your computer with the red USB cable.

Step one

How to play

The aim of rocket landing is to guide your rocket ship safely down from space, and land it on a barge in the sea, without running out of fuel, damaging the hull beyond repair, or crashing into the sea!

Below the game screen, you'll see several pieces of information:

  1. Fuel
  2. Hull
  3. Height
  4. Score

Your fuel and hull integrity both start at 100. As you fire the main or side thrusters, you'll use up fuel, so it's important only to use them sparingly. The hull's integrity drops when you i) collide with the side of the screen, ii) let the hull get too hot (white indicates normal, and more red is hotter). Your height, in kilometres is also shown.

The best strategy is to keep the rocket steady using the side thrusters and occasionally fire the main thruster to slow the ship's descent and prevent it from overheating. It's also important to not land too violently, or the ship will explode.

Side thrusters are controlled by the joystick, and the main thruster is controlled by the slider.