Build a cute little robot rover.

Materials Used

  1. Computer with Flotilla installed
  2. Flotilla dock
  3. Wheels x2
  4. Orange acrylic robot chassis
  5. Orange acrylic front foot
  6. Clear acrylic T-shaped mounting plate
  7. M3 8mm plastic bolts x14
  8. M3 plastic nuts x14
  9. Metal standoffs x2
  10. Red USB cable
  11. Medium blue Flotilla ropes x3
  12. Short blue Flotilla ropes x3
  13. Light module
  14. Matrix module
  15. Motor module
  16. Rainbow module

Building the robot

Paul has recorded a guide on how to construct the line-following robot, as this is the most complex of all of our Cookbook builds.

Follow the video below to build your robot, making sure that you've got together all of the materials above first.

Building the track

Use some dark-coloured electrical tape to create a track for your robot to follow. It'll work best if you use a white or lighter-coloured surface on which to stick the track, as this will provide more contrast for the light modules to detect.

Here's what ours looked like.

Step one

How it works

The robot uses the rainbow module to shine light downwards and then the light modules to detect light reflected back up to them. The amount of light reflected back will depend on whether the sensor is over the black line or the lighter-coloured floor, and the robot uses the two light sensors on either side to decide which way to move.