Build a relaxing mood light.

Materials Used

  1. Computer with Flotilla installed
  2. Flotilla dock
  3. Cloud background card
  4. Cloud character card
  5. Trees/flowers x3
  6. Clear mounting plate
  7. M3 8mm plastic bolts x2
  8. M3 plastic nuts x2
  9. Red USB cable
  10. Short blue Flotilla ropes x1
  11. Medium blue Flotilla ropes x1
  12. Rainbow module
  13. Touch module


Cutting out

You'll need to cut out the tabs from the cloud background card, and then cut round the cloud character, and the trees and flowers. You should end up with pieces that look like this.

Step one

Attaching the rainbow module

First, peel the protective film off the mounting plate, and make sure that the plate is the correct way up, with the Flotilla text at the bottom right corner.

You'll need two of the M3 8mm plastic bolts and nuts. Use them to mount the rainbow module to the top of the mounting plate. You can mount it either way round, with the USB connector at either the left or right side, depending on which way you want to route the cable.

Step two

Attaching the card pieces

The cloud background card mounts into the back pair of slots in the plate, furthest away from you. Push the tabs through the slots and fold them over underneath.

The next four slots, just behind where the rainbow module is mounted can be used to mount some of the tree and flower pieces. How many you use and how you place them is up to you.

The two pairs of slots just in front of, and behind, the rainbow module are where the cloud sits. Push the tab through the slots in the base plate.

When you're done, you should have something that looks like this.

Step three

Attaching the cables

Use the medium rope to attach the rainbow module to one of the ports on your dock (it doesn't matter which).

Use the short rope to attach the touch module to your dock.

Last of all, connect your dock to your computer with the red USB cable.

How to use

The numbers on the touch module control the mood light as follows:

  1. On/off
  2. Auto
  3. Decrease hue
  4. Increase hue