Can you guide your marble round the maze?

Materials Used

  1. Computer with Flotilla installed
  2. Flotilla dock
  3. Red USB cable
  4. Medium blue Flotilla ropes x2
  5. A lump of Blu-Tack or a couple of narrow cable ties
  6. Matrix module
  7. Motion module


Attaching the modules

Connect the matrix and motion modules to your dock with two of the medium ropes. Then use a lump of Blu-Tack to stick the motion module to the bottom side of the matrix module, or use a couple of cable ties threaded through the mounting holes on both modules, to hold them together.

Finally, connect your dock to your computer with the red USB cable.

Step one

How to play

The idea of marble maze is to guide your pixel 'marble' around the maze on the matrix module from the start to the end point. It uses the motion module to detect the tilt of the maze and move the 'marble'.

The end point that you must reach flashes on the matrix module to indicate where it is. You'll see the marble move as you move the matrix with motion module attached.

There are four levels to play, and these cycle through once you've completed them.